Cartoon Illustration

Some kids like cartoons more than others. I was one of those kids. I’m still one of those kids! The cool thing is, now I’m bigger and I can turn that passion into a living! And I will never outgrow that childhood fascination with the energetic magic of animated characters!

How do I know I won’t? Because I have seen the other kids, just like me, who are inspiring younger kids around the Earth by dreaming up the wildest cartoons bouncing right off the screen of my own TV. And so have you!

What is it about cartoons that get kids up so early on a Saturday?

Cartoons are games! Through that screen a grown up kid – an animator – is sitting at a desk playing! Making up stories! Telling jokes! And kids can play along! See, cartoonists are nothing more than kids who never grew out of playing make-believe.

So, where did that passion take me?

  • At a young age I was classically trained in cartoon illustration with private drawing lessons,
  • I continued learning at a Magnet Arts highschool,
  • Then, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

Now, I find ways to share my obsession and continue mastering my craft and turn my childhood dream into a real living! Which isn’t much, yet, but it’s undeniably most fulfilling quest to pursue!

Hey! Do you have a creative project to share? Let’s team up and pursue it together! Give me a challenge and let’s both surprise ourselves with a creative collaboration!