Who Is this Guy?

What does he do? Is he famous? Why does he say he’s an Imaginary Friend?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Firstly, I am a professional artist. Second, yes, I am famous – just nobody knows it yet. And as for the “imaginary friend”, don’t worry, you’ll probably grow out of it. Now I’ll let this ambiguous biography voice take it from here. 

“Jastrow is a purveyor of curiosities and a tinkerer in tiny worlds.  Born in New Jersey in 1986 his talent was recognized very early and he began private art lessons when he was just seven years old.  As his art was refined he was accepted into the Nashville School of the Arts and studied fine art.  It was while attending there that he was first introduced to cinema and upon graduating was awarded Filmmaker of the Year in 2005.

Jastrow went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Art from Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film. His senior thesis film, What’s Under the Bed, was an adaptation of a popular children’s book by the same title and marked the first stop motion animation ever produced at Watkins.  The animation went on to win five of the seven awards presented at the Watkins screening in 2009.

The magic of animation has fundamentally influenced his work.  Jastrow’s diverse body of work showcases his imagination and meticulous attention to detail.  To date Jastrow’s unique creative talent has been utilized on over a dozen feature films and a major network television series.  A proven polymath his talents include cartoon illustration and character design, stop motion animation, sculpture, concept art, creative writing, and puppetry.”

–Your Imaginary Friend 

* Mr. Jastrow is a real live person. Any claims or implications to the contrary are absolutely ridiculous.

Cartoon Illustration

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Stop Motion Animation

“Take a cold lump of clay and breathe life into it! That’s Stop Motion. It’s like playing God, there’s nothing else like it!” You remember Rudolf and the Abominable Snowman, Hermey the Elf, and The Winter Warlock? I do! As a kid these Christmas classics used to really puzzle me. I remember wondering, is this…


Ricky Boyd is an actual Muppeteer! He’s performed right beside Jim Henson himself! I had the opportunity to produce a short film with a brilliant friend of mine and after designing eleven puppets for the project I was thrilled to hear that Ricky Boyd was signed on to bring them all to life. Even more…

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