Artist, Storyteller, Imaginary Friend

A peek inside the art and mind of Anthony Jastrow for creative inspiration, curiousity, or to commission your next brilliant idea!

“Cartoons are a Pigment of our Imagination!”

Cartoon Illustration

Some kids like cartoons more than others. I was one of those kids. I’m still one of those kids! The cool thing is, now I’m bigger and I can turn that passion into a living! And I will never outgrow that childhood fascination with the energetic magic of animated characters! How do I know I […]

Stop Motion Animation

“Take a cold lump of clay and breathe life into it! That’s Stop Motion. It’s like playing God, there’s nothing else like it!” You remember Rudolf and the Abominable Snowman, Hermey the Elf, and The Winter Warlock? I do! As a kid these Christmas classics used to really puzzle me. I remember wondering, is this […]


Ricky Boyd is an actual Muppeteer! He’s performed right beside Jim Henson himself! I had the opportunity to produce a short film with a brilliant friend of mine and after designing eleven puppets for the project I was thrilled to hear that Ricky Boyd was signed on to bring them all to life. Even more […]